Saturday, May 28, 2016

Celeste is 8 weeks old!

I cannot believe we have an 8 week old and that I have been doing this for two months already! It's amazing how quickly time flies, and how quickly the unknown becomes the routine.  

 Celeste is doing really well lately. She had been experiencing nightly screams right around dinner time where the only thing that calmed her down was a car ride. It was a bit of a bummer to have to expect to spend 30 minutes to an hour driving around but at least we had a solution.  Lately, she seems to have dropped the extreme cries. Last night, she was being extremely fussy and crying and we did a bath. It soothed her and she was able to fall asleep soon after.   Baths have become a part of the routine.  I highly recommend it to any new moms reading this. I also think time helped. The doctor had said usually the witching hour begins to decline at 6 weeks, and she was right.  

Celeste and I are continuing to enjoy my time off. I confirmed with my office that my return to work date will be July 5th. I am trying to soak up my time with her. I am lucky though, my office agreed to let me return at part-time, so I will be working 20 hours per week. We worked out a schedule with family watching her while I am at work.  I'm hoping for the best with this new schedule. I love my job and I'd like to keep it, and I hope it will allow me enough time to bond with her while I can have adult time too. 

She continues to smile all the time! Doug said she half-laughed the other day. I keep trying to recreate it but I have not been able to just yet. 

That's it from here for now!