Friday, March 18, 2016

T Minus 8 Days to Baby

I can't believe it's been almost two years since I have posted. Essentially, two years ago from January was when our attempt to start a family began. And here we are, 8 days from my due date and I feel like I have so much to share. 

Like I said, we decided to try to have a baby around January 2014. I won't get into all the TMI details, but we were extremely unsuccessful.  Months passed with negative after negative pregnancy test. Those months were hard on my soul.  I couldn't stop dividing everyone I know into two categories: those that had children and those that did not. My Facebook feed became a platform for moms to showcase their beautiful children. My own page seemed empty in comparison; I showed off photos of my adorable puppy instead. He was my consolation prize. In fact, we got him right around the 9 months of trying point. Don't get me wrong, I loved him. But there was a hole in my heart in the shape of a baby footprint that no affectionate, smart, sweet puppy could fill.   

After months of trying on our own, we sought help. We tried a few rounds of fertility medication. Those proved to be unsuccessful. We also tried one round of intrauterine insemination (IUI), which also was unsuccessful.  Health conditions on my end began to reveal themselves - Celiac Disease, Thyroid Disorder.  We began to get those under control.    We interviewed a new fertility doctor and were excited to move forward with one more IUI before considering IVF when I got pregnant, mostly all on my own (We did something called a trigger shot to ensure ovulation) I couldn't believe it. All my months of trying and my wish had come true. 

I remember squealing the news to Doug as I ran downstairs to show him. I had shown him many many false alarms previously, with lines so faint you had to close your eyes to imagine them to actually see them. But this one was pink. And it was real. And I sobbed. It was finally my turn.  

The first month was nerves. All nerves. I was convinced something was going to happen to the baby. We did prenatal testing around the 10th week and were blessed with finding out the gender very early on. I even surprised Doug with the news. 

We had an early scare where we rushed to the hospital because i was bleeding. I remember repeating over and over that I didn't want to go. I didn't want to lose my precious miracle. And she was a miracle because she was still alive, heart beating strong. 

Months passed and my bump grew. It was amazing to see my body change.  Here are some bump progression pics: 

Even more exciting was being able to capture her change from inside of me. I went to far too many ultrasounds than the average girl. But I didn't care. 

(I apologize for the way these are uploading - I can't seem to center all of them!) 


So here we are. Today I am 8 days away from meeting my little girl. I am impatient. Uncomfortable.  Ready!