Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Spirit of Thanksgiving

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I figured there was no better way to kick off my blog than a post highlighting all that I am thankful for. Here goes! 

I am thankful for my nephews Brandon, Zac, and niece Allison. Sadly, this was the only photo I could think of with all of us together, and it was so long ago.  I love their youth, how everything they do is fun and new. Their presence is a light in our family's world.  I love these kids. 

I give thanks to my house. I love my house. The dark wood, the spacious kitchen, the fact that there's room for everything. I am loving decorating my office, which I am sure will be a future blog post.   Our home is situated in lovely Aliso Viejo, but so close to the canyon. I used to drive that canyon when I was in my teens, and I would marvel at it's beauty. It used to be my favorite drive in Orange County. It still is, and I get to drive it on a daily basis.  I also love that my house is a bit removed from the "downtown" area of Aliso Viejo. It's such a beautiful area, with so many trees. I like that I can coast along it's many streets with few stoplights. I do not miss the consistent stoplights on PCH where I used to live! 

I am grateful to have a supportive brother and mother. They understand me in ways no one else can. They accept me fully, in spite of my neuroses. I guess they have no choice! I'm so glad we all live so close to each other. 

Finally, I give thanks to my husband, my best friend, my confidant, my rock - Doug aka Poop Face.  I thank him for allowing me to be crazy, for letting me yell at him when Dream Doug does unacceptable things (and I hold it against non-Dream Doug). I love that you make me laugh, you tickle me, you hold my hand. I love that I fake demanded you to go buy me something for my office, and you did it, even though I wasn't serious.  I love that you supported me when I decided to find a job for which I could be passionate. I'm so glad we are exploring this world together.   I can't wait for what lies ahead for us -- Ziggy, children, travels, and whatever else comes our way! 

I have a lot more that I am thankful for. I guess that will be blog #2!